Educating the next generation

Katrina Candy is a leading children’s author, who has successfully published two books that teach conservation and land management issues to a young audience. Her first book ‘Captain Partridge and the Fire People’ was published in 2012 and launched at the Scottish Game Fair by the then Minister for Environment & Climate Change Stewart Stevenson. The characters from the book were used in her (then) work as Head of Education with the GWCT during which time she did school visits and workshops at various rural events in Scotland including the Royal Highland Show.

The story itself follows the adventures of Captain Partridge and the Wildlife Regiment on Drumwhinnie Moor who are witness to people setting their moor on fire. Throughout the course of the story, they realise the muirburn is done to benefit birds like Grenadier Grouse.

This year, the book was re-published, and Katrina was invited to do storytelling sessions at the GWCT Scottish Game Fair. 

Although no longer with GWCT, Katrina still regularly volunteers her time to read her stories to young audiences and promote her wonderful stories and gently explain aspects of land management and conservation to the young reader. Encouraging the children, she reads to, this year her recent trip to St Madoes Primary School saw her set a competition to create a new character for her book, bringing a community spirit to her books.

In 2014, she published her second book, ‘Stag Munro’s Golden Encounter’, which was launched at House of Bruar with children from Blair Atholl school. The book was published to celebrate the culmination of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association Year of the Wader 2014 and once again cleverly weaves conservation messages through an exciting tale which follows the adventures of head keeper Stag Munro and his loveable spaniel, Biscuits.

Both the books are filled with an exciting adventure, and contain loveable characters, all beautifully illustrated by Perthshire wildlife artist Val Barr. All proceeds from the sales of the books go to the trust and Katrina still volunteers her time to promote her incredible stories.