Drimnin Estate - Conserving the natural beauty

The 7000-acre estate on the western tip of the Morvern Peninsula has invested time into conservation schemes to ensure the area remains a rich, wildlife haven. Combining rugged coastline with inlets and covers, interspersed with pebble-covered beaches, ancient woodland, heather moorland and rich pastures, undisturbed by traffic, it is a paradise for wildlife.

The whole estate is managed in a way to encourage biodiversity and enhance the landscape. Management policies are designed to be environmentally friendly, to encourage biodiversity and to enhance the natural beauty and landscape.

Animal and bird life is very varied, including golden and sea eagles, buzzards and other rapters, red and roe deer, pine martens, wildcats, otters, seals, and beef cattle and sheep.

One of the conservation schemes is to restructure the Mungosdails Forest and later the Auliston Sitka spruce woodland to introduce native species and enclosure of other existing woodlands to allow regeneration. The estate are also in the process of restoring ancient drystone dykes, as well planning the exclusion of cattle from the Scheduled Ancient Monuments (particularly Auliston, Carrag and Port a’Bhata villages) to conserve the ruins. The estate also has planed to introduce a scheme to encourage more bird life such as corncrakes and black grouse.

All of these schemes head towards better preservation of the wildlife and the natural environment on the Morvern peninsula.