Crofters Tears...the story

Ice & Fire Distillery is a crofting, family owned and operated craft distillery in the Strath of Latheronwheel, Caithness, producing premium quality spirits with a unique heritage and provenance that will further enhance the craft distilling movement in Scotland by:

  • Using water locally sourced in the production process;
  • Using locally grown botanicals in the gin and rum products;
  • Supporting the local tourism industry by providing another business to visit on the Food and Drink Trail and become a part of the Taste North Venture;
  • Having a great taste that is loved by trade partners and consumers alike;
  • Distinctive packaging that makes the customer want to take the bottle off the shelf and read it/view the package; and
  • Authentic and appealing product and brand story that engages the heart and mind of consumers.

Ice and Fire craft gin is as much about the people behind the product as it is the finished spirit. Who we are shines through from the design of the bottle, the design of the labels and the ingredients in the bottle. Our heritage in being Highland Crofters is apparent in the design of the bottle with purple heather entwined around the bottle and topped off with a highland stag embossed into the glass and also in the stopper which has a crossed design around the top signifying the thistle and a stag on the top of the lid.  This is very much in keeping with our background of being a crofting family. 

Crofting is a traditional form of land tenure, unique to predominantly the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, which continues to be a vital component of this regional economy in the 21st century.

Earning a living this way has always required the ability to innovate and hold down a number of jobs in addition to tending to crops and livestock.  In this respect not much has changed in the past 200 years. Crofters still need to undertake a number of jobs to maintain an income and to make a croft viable.

The Ice and Fire Distillery ethos is to distinguish our truly ‘artisan’ products from multinational competitors. As craft distillers we can prove our craftsmanship and authenticity to restore the craft definition and consumer trust. So many brands use third part distillers yet call their products small batch and hand crafted when they are in fact distilled in large contract distilleries in England.

We ensure authenticity throughout our brand by using more natural ingredients, many of which we grow ourselves and our overriding ethos is to grow as much of the ingredients in our spirits as we possibly can.

Our ethos is to combine our knowledge and skills in distilling, combined with our passion for the ingredients we use, to ensure that every bottle of spirits we produce is as authentic and genuine as possible. It is not just ingredients that goes into our bottles, it is our soul and character.