Clootie McToot Dumplings, Abernethy, Perth

In 2015 our son whom has complex disabilities asked me if I would bake and have a stall at his local school fete. He was keen to be behind a market stall selling goods. I agreed, and we decided to make Clootie Dumplings with our family’s traditional recipe. The aroma of sugar and spice and the laughter from my children brought back many fond memories of my own childhood. From that moment on, my inspiration, desire and passion for traditional Scottish cooking was ignited and a business was born.

My business was created in April 2017 after adapting our utility room into suitable kitchen facilities. To target a large market and with today's food trends and seasons I decided to modify the traditional recipe with a modern twist. As well as making the Traditional Clootie Dumpling (boiled not steamed!), I developed, tested and now produce twelve different flavours and seasonal specials working in collaboration with like-minded artisan food producers.

Our quirky shop opened May 2018 and my mum Anne Clark has come to join our team as shop manager in January 2019.

We offer a trade service Clootie Dumplings in return for fresh local fruit from local villagers. Wow!! As it was a bumper crop of Apples last year I could not get to my door some days for boxes of fruit!!

I will be launching a new product while at Skye Food and Drink festival . I have been working tirelessly over the last couple of months with graphic designers, printers, fresh produce suppliers and our Clootie Clan to deliver a new product to market, our Clootie Mctoot Dumpling Boxes”. 

I wanted to be able to reach out to a whole new generation and market and allow people to bring the art of Clootie Dumpling making back into the home with hand selected ingredients and instructions, all packaged in a beautifully designed box. 

Our new ecommerce website was launched in June and our viewing kitchens will be opening in October 2019.

I still need to pinch myself as I still can't believe this all happened due to our son and a school fate!!!