Cairngorms National Park Authority - Capercaillie Project

The Cairngorms Capercaillie Project is a partnership project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and led by the Cairngorms National Park Authority. A diverse range of highly committed partners from private estates, volunteer groups, businesses, public agencies and charities are all working together through the project with a shared endeavour to overcome challenges and create new solutions to help secure a long-term future for capercaillie in the UK.

It's possible that there are now less than 1,000 capercaillie left in the UK. Almost all of them live in the Cairngorms National Park. Action in the National Park is therefore critical to prevent extinction in the UK and build a long-term future for the species. Saving a species on the brink of extinction and planning for the future at the same time is complex and there is no 'silver bullet'. The project's work therefore involves five essential actions delivered across the Cairngorms National Park focused on improving conditions for capercaillie, enabling a wider range of people to play their part, raising awareness, and building knowledge and understanding to enable more informed action.