The Borders Birdbox Project

The Borders Birdbox Project is a very simple concept; to supply each of the 60 primary schools across the Scottish Borders with 10 boxes and associated learning resources to monitor and enjoy. This simplicity of this idea should not belie the effectiveness of the boxes and (associated birds) as tools to engender a love, understanding and empathy for the natural environment in the young people charged with their care. With funding from the Nineveh Charitable Trust and the technical support of Tweed Forum, they hope to help change societal attitudes about and apathy toward the natural world around us all.

Biodiversity loss, habitat degradation and species extinction are all happening on both a local and global scale. This project aims to reverse all of these trends within the playgrounds of a generation of young people. By bringing the natural world and the problems it faces into their eyeline, we hope to encourage the region's children to become enthusiastic guardians of their natural environment. The simplicity of the Borders Birdbox Project coupled to its regional scale allows all to see that real and measurable positive change can be effected quickly and at negligible financial cost. With all the boxes being constructed from locally sourced materials by St. Mary's School, Melrose teacher Tom Rawson, this is a simple project on a truly regional scale.