Better Broadband around Logie Estate

The lack of viable, high speed broadband around the Logie area has encouraged Logie Estate to install their own network. A lack of digital connectivity in rural Scotland can restrict development and have a negative impact on businesses. The decision to develop this project was taken following a local survey which revealed these restrictions. The LogieNet Broadband network is now bringing good internet service to the local area.

In order to set up the network, a wireless link was installed to the Logie windfarm and from there, line-of-sight wireless links can be installed to connected properties. The signal can then be bounced on to other properties, so houses do not need to be able to see the windfarm to connect. When a customer wishes to sign up, a small receiver is attached to the property and a cable is run into the building to attach to the router. Customers sign a contract with LogieNet, similar to a BT or Sky internet contract.

The benefits of this local, faster broadband service in this rural area are immense. Often on large networks, when people connect at ‘peak’ times (e.g. after school) the connection can become very slow. In the Logie area, there is no contention from nearby towns such as Elgin and Forres, and the LogieNet broadband speed doesn’t slow down as much. It provides speeds around 10 times faster than previously available in the area.

Improved digital connectivity and internet speed enables several benefits from both an economic and social perspective, particularly for rural businesses and communities in Scotland.