The Batch Lady


The Batch Lady (Suzanne Mulholland) from the Borders, produces online educational advice (videos from her farmhouse kitchen) as well as live events and speaker events, all focused on saving time when cooking wholesome family meals. Suzanne creates videos in her kitchen showing clients, and her 60,000 social media followers, how they can make one week’s worth of family meals in only one hour (yes, it’s possible!), just by following her simple methods.

Suzanne says:

“With a fair few responsibilities of my own, over the years I’ve become addicted to saving time. I love to analyse situations and look at how much time can be saved and I revel in the knowledge that I’ve been efficient and productive and also found the time to spend with my family.

“I know I am far from alone. Saving time doing tasks that have to be done, the mundane things in life, but that aren’t on the enjoyable list, can hugely benefit people’s lives. Time is rarely buyable, and so for me, it’s like gold if I can glean any back. The more I can cheat time, the more satisfied I feel and ultimately (the real goal), the more time I can spend enjoying life.

“My methods are not purely about the actual time saved but also about the headspace that people save by planning ahead. Many working people spend too much time thinking, worrying and searching for inspiration when it comes to cooking an evening meal, wondering what they have in the house and trying to think what on earth they are going to cook!

“All this pressure can add to the daily stresses of life. When we end up not being organised and grabbing supper from the corner shop at the last minute, we spend more money and generally eat less healthily, thus compounding the stress effect.

“My end goal is therefore about reducing hassle, giving people some valuable time back, unburdening their mental load, helping to save them money and, let’s never forget, giving them healthy and wholesome recipe ideas that the whole family will enjoy.”

“The amazing positive feedback I get has made me realise that this cooking concept does help people become less stressed, waste less food, be more organised and ultimately buy back time in their lives.

“I also love new technology and now most of my business is based around video content which I share on social media and I thrive on learning all the various social media algorithms in order to reach as many people as possible with my foodie education! I am constantly amazed at how new online businesses and ideas can grow and reach a worldwide audience and am excited to be part of that new wave.

“At the end of the day though, I still love the face to face interaction – I did a demonstration to over 170 people last week and in June I am excited to be doing demo’s in the Cookery Theatre at the Royal Highland Show as well as doing a great local evening for parents and community members at Fenton Barns Nursery near North Berwick  - getting the next generation passionate about wholesome home cooked meals is so important.”