Away with the Fairies

Archerfield Estate houses 500 acres of arable farmland, 15 leased properties, a runway with aircraft hangers, a foodmarket, cafe, shop, brewery, stunning walled gardens, a Fairy Trail in the woods; and is host to the 2019 Scottish Open at Renaissance Golf Club. It is safe to say the land owned by The Duke of Hamilton's family, has now become one of the most diverse Estates in the area, if not the country. 

The vision set out in a 5 year strategy was to diversify the number one asset of the estate- space- thus significantly increasing the footfall to the estate from a wide ranging demographic, ultimately delivering a sustainable and growing commercial entity for the Estate. 

With significant footfall comes a 'green' responsibility. An environmental ethos is at our heart. sustainability in energy use is paramount with our Biomass boiler, and our waste impact policy is very much 'close the loop'. All food and hot drink takeaway packaging is compostable Vegware. No plastics are used in any takeaway products and discounts are given to those bringing their own containers. Food is sustainable sourced with a large bulk of fresh produce being homegrown within our own market garden. 

The diversity in not only in the current attractions on the estate, but the events programme has become the largest growth area for the estate. From Street Food Festivals, Woodland Light Shows, Detox Festivals, Fairy Festivals to celebrity speakers; the space across the estate is showing its truly unique capabilities. With such growth comes further infrastructure and employment, with over 50 staff now working for Archerfield Estates. The diversity of events also requires specialist support from a huge range of local businesses all bringing their expertise. Whether that be tradesmen, food traders, performers, or event management; the local community benefit personally, but are essential to helping us make it happen.