Ardmaddy Gardens

Ardmaddy Garden may date back to its medieval origins but is known to exist from the mid-18th century when Government soldiers were barracked there in 1745.

During the Second World War, the Struthers’ put it to use growing vegetables for the war effort. Two keen Rhododendron Gardeners, Major William and Jocelyn Davidson, leased the garden from the early 60’s until the mid-70’s when Charles and Minette inherited from Charles’ parents. Minette bemoans the early days when money needed investment in other priorities on the farm and holiday business. She had to plan her restoration of the walled garden literally on a shoestring.

However, this spurred her inventiveness and by careful management of what remained, she laid out the new garden in a Victorian style and began the slow process of developing the various plots into what is described as one of Argyll’s finest and Glorious gardens.

It is truly a garden for all four seasons and after almost 40 years of work Minette recently benefitted from the new Hydro Electric project on Ardmaddy and has hired a new head gardener to help take the strain. John McLean can be proud that helping care for one of Scotland’s best gardens created by one of our most cherished and adroit gardeners – Well done Minette.