The Angus Glens Moorland Group

The Angus Glens Moorland Group has done a lot of work with their rural communities. They have held a number of community events from school barbecues to, most recently, an Easter Funday.

All events have been free, allowing the public into estates to enjoy and learn more about Moorland Management. Money is raised at these events which is donated back to the rural schools, local charities and hospitals.

The group attend local shows with an AGMG stand, where they have film showings, educational displays and demonstrations.

Last year they brought school children onto the estates to see first hand what gamekeepers do throughout the year and on one occasion in the summer cooked a variety of game for them to taste.

At Christmas in conjunction with the Grampian Moorland Group they launched 'Game for Giving' where they donated food parcels to charities at Christmas. They contained game meat with fresh ingredients to make meals with easy step by step recipes included in the bags.

Gamekeepers have also helped rescue birds of prey and have on occasion successfully rereleased them into the wild.

The group has made a succession of educational films demonstrating the work they do, some of which are now being used as educational tools in schools and colleges in the UK and most recently Canada.

The keepers have also helped to tidy and clear up local nursery and care home gardens and have donated countless pints of blood!