Findings from our 2020 Membership survey

We asked, you answered!

recommendThroughout December 2020, we asked our members for feedback on their businesses, our operations, and what an SLE membership means to them. The 2020 membership survey turned up some interesting information which will help us to improve our services and the way that we represent our members throughout 2021. Almost 10% of our members responded to the survey, providing us with a strong indication of how the membership feels about our work. We received an even split of respondents across each of the five SLEsupport regions, which the majority of the respondents were male and landowning members. Some of the key findings that this survey provided are listed here.

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With this data, we have been able to consider our work going forward and decide upon actions we can take to better improve our services for members:

  • We will regularly promote to members how they can contact our policy team for free information and advice on issues affecting them.
  • We will remind members regularly of the wider benefits of SLE membership to ensure members are taking advantage of the advice, support and offers available to them
  • We will continue to call members regularly to check in with them and help ensure they have the information and advice they require.
  • We will aim to highlight our lobbying work more effectively to members, so that you hear not only of our successes, but of those areas we are still working on and continuing to fight for on your behalf.
  • We will plan and host more online events throughout 2021, focusing on the issues that are important to your business.
  • We will engage with and work alongside members’ successors to ensure a smooth transition and continued support for your business.

While the survey may now be closed, we are always open to receiving feedback from our members on any aspect of our service or of your membership. If you have any thoughts you wish to share, you can provide your comments to us at