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Webinar: The importance of data

Time 10:00 - 11:00
Capacity 97 places available
Booking Cut-off Monday 24 Jan, 12:00:pm
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Do you want to find out about the Importance of data, how it can help you manage your land, wildlife, visitors to your land, and improve the safety of everyone? Then our free webinar on 25 January at 10am is a must attend!

We have a great panel of speakers lined up to share their knowledge, tips and expertise.

Alan Salisbury from will highlight the increased need for accurate data to manage wildlife, visitors to your land and your staff, while also ensuring the safety of all.  This webinar will demonstrate the importance and ease of collecting accurate data whilst managing your varied habitats.

Brian Neilly from IDMapps will highlight to you the many benefits of the LymeApp and how it can assist you and your employees. He will talk you through the vital information you will receive through the app such as regular and updated risk maps and high quality advice from public health authorities. Users can report tick activity and understand what to do if they are bitten as well as aid businesses to comply with their duty of care obligations to employees.

Don’t miss out, book now and find out about the Importance of Data and how it can be used to make your land management successful and more efficient.

This event is an exceptional opportunity to hear the latest information and developments from experts in their fields and your chance to ask them questions.



  • Welcome & Introductions by Caroline Pringle, Project Officer for Wildlife Estates Scotland
  • Alan Salisbury from will talk to you about the world's most widely used online system for land, wildlife and guest management.  Encompassing both hunting and non-hunting recreational visitors also supports wildlife population management, increases safety for staff and visitors and can be used as evidence of trap placements, health and safety adherence and much more."
  • Brian Neilly, IDMapps will demonstrate to you the benefits of the LymeApp and its benefits.
  • Q&A, chaired by Caroline Pringle
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