Butterfly Workshop

Virtual Workshop: Butterflies! With Wildlife Estates Scotland & Butterfly Conservation

Time 10:00 - 11:30
Capacity 15 places available
Booking Cut-off Monday 6 Jul, 12:00:pm
This Event has passed its booking cutoff date.

The Northern Brown Argus is a threatened species of butterfly that is found in pockets of species-rich grassland where Common Rock-rose grows. The Scottish range of the species is largely eastern, with the Scottish Borders being particularly important. Colonies are typically small and are found on lightly grazed unimproved grasslands or along rocky coast.

Due to changes in the management of grasslands and new tree planting schemes, key habitat for the butterfly is under threat.

Join us for this free online workshop to learn more about the Northern Brown Argus butterfly and how it can benefit from favourable management.

The workshop will include a presentation on the Northern Brown Argus by Butterfly Conservation followed by discussion focussed on habitat management with plenty of time for questions and answers.

This Event has passed its booking cutoff date.