Five key benefits of a Scottish Land & Estates Landowner or Manager membership

Nadia Flaherty ,
9 Apr 2021

In this blog, our Membership Coordinator Nadia Flaherty highlights five of the advantages and perks available to land managers as part of an SLE membership. Whether you are an existing member or are considering signing up, this blog covers different ways in which membership benefits you.

As a member of Scottish Land & Estates, you are entitled to make use of the variety of services we have on offer. We want our members to get the most out of their membership with us, so consider this blog as either a reminder of the ways that we work for you, or if you are not yet a member, a summation of reasons you may wish to join with us.


1 – Political representation

Arguably the most important reason to be an SLE member is the benefits that you will receive from our robust political representation as we work to provide a voice for your business and property interests, both regionally and nationally. We work closely and diligently with both the Scottish and UK Governments in the areas of work that impact our members.


2 – Access to our Policy team and document library

Our Policy team are on hand to answer any queries that our members may have. Whether these relate to guidance around the Covid-19 pandemic, agriculture, housing, access, or any other issue that impacts rural Scotland, our colleagues are available to provide you access to their wealth of knowledge. Our quarterly Policy Updates (which you must be logged in to view) provide a short, easy to read summary of the main changes in policy and legislation affecting rural businesses in Scotland. Along with access to our Policy team, members may peruse our Document Library, which is home to a variety of our own publications, consultation responses and information sheets on a variety of different topics.


3 - Our events programme

Members also receive access to free and discounted events throughout the year, which can be booked through our website. 2020 saw us host over 30 online events and opportunities for our members to get engaged, from Webinars to Regional Receptions, and our Annual Conference which was held online for the first time. Many of our webinars are recorded, allowing those who miss a specific event the opportunity to catch up later.


4 - LandBusiness Magazine and emails

LandBusiness Magazine, our quarterly publication, is consistently rated a valuable benefit of membership. Delivered straight to your door, LandBusiness Magazine is a perfect way to keep up with us, especially for those who engage with us online less frequently. While members receive a physical copy, the digital edition of our magazine along with a number of back issues are also available online. As a member, you’ll also be signed up to receive regular emails on our areas of work, and our weekly eNews update. Distributed each Friday, this email summarises our work from the previous week, allows us to summarise our work, events and relevant updates from the previous week, as well as highlight relevant news from government bodies and partner organisations.


5 – Membership benefits and offers

A number of discounts on goods and services are available with partner organisations which are exclusive to our members. Our list of existing offers is regularly updated, and range from discounts on Ford products, to food and drink, free consultations and more! Aside from tangible products, an SLE membership also affords you the opportunity to network and build relationships with others in your sector, whether through attending our previously mentioned events, getting involved by contributing to policy debates, or submitting your own guest blog to us!


We aim to make our services as accessible as possible for members who have a variety of aims and requirements. We know that a land managing membership won’t be applicable to everyone, and to this end, we have six of types of membership available, ranging from professional membership to registering as a supporter, each with different benefits available.

Whether you are an existing member who hasn’t yet made full use of the advantages that your membership offers you, or are someone who is interested in finding out more about what a membership could mean for you, our Head of Business Tony Stevenson is available to discuss membership questions.

Read more about types of membership and sign up here, or download our new membership brochure.