7 examples of filthy flytipping from across Scotland

Simon Ovenden ,
4 Apr 2022

In this blog from our Policy Adviser (Access and Visitor Management), Simon Ovenden, we highlight just some of the examples of flytipping found all over the countryside sent into us by our members.

Earlier this year, we asked the membership to get in touch with examples of flytipping from their local areas. We received a large number of responses, often with photographic evidence, with each painting a piece of a wider picture showcasing the problem of flytipping throughout the country.

To illustrate the scale and varied nature of the problem, here are seven flytipping examples brought to our attention over the past few months.


ft#1 - Discarded rubble and fruitboxes

Our first example was found just north of Aberdeen. A truckload's worth of rubble, fruitboxes, sandwich wrappers and other litter was removed from the end of a member's driveway.



ft#2 - Assorted trade materials and furniture

This example from near Leven, Fife, was one of multiple examples which one member shared with us, all taking place repeatedly over an extended period of time. It is believed that in this instance the rubbish was dumped by a third party who led customers to believe that the waste was being disposed of properly.






ft​#3 – A discarded fridge

Found just North-West of Inverness, this soft drinks fridge is one of the larger individual items that members contacted us to report. The fridge was dumped in a ditch at the side of a private road, with the landowners having to foot the bill for disposal.



ft#4 – Various materials

This example of flytipping was found not far from Slochd Summit, along the A9. Various scarp materials were found dumped in the open along the side of the road.



#5 – ftAn array of furniture, plastics, clothing and other waste

This collection of rubbish was found near Aberfeldy, and was actually part of a much larger assortment of unwanted products, litter and waste materials. This was seemingly another example of someone paying in good faith to have their waste disposed of properly, only for it to be unceremoniously and illegally dumped in the countryside.


ft#6 – A mountain of illegally dumped rubbish

This example from the east of Edinburgh highlights how quickly rubbish can accumulate if left unchecked. This specific example cost in excess of £100,00 to clean up, and measures were taken to better secure the area on completion.



ft#7 – Unwanted furniture

Found outside of Blackridge in west Lothian, this example of flytipping features a number of living room armchairs, sofas and cushions, in addition to white goods and other electronics and accessories dumped in view of a road.


If you have an example of flytipping in your local area you would like to make us aware of, we would be keen to hear from you. Please contact us with the location, the date the image was taken, and any other useful information about the nature of the incident. Send any example of flytipping to us at - RuralCrime@scottishlandandestates.co.uk