Have you signed the NFU Food Standards Petition?

Tracey Roan ,
11 Jun 2020

Tracey Roan is our Regional Support Officer for Dumfries and Galloway in the South West. In her first blog for us, Tracey discusses NFU's Food Standards petition and why it is important.

Like every farmer in the UK, I am extremely proud to produce quality food to the highest welfare standards – this is something that we are all very passionate about and proud of.  From dairy farmers to fruit growers, we all aim to provide high standard, quality, affordable food for our nation.  However, we are only able to do this if we can compete fairly with the rest of the world. 

The UK Government is currently in negotiation talks with other countries around the world regarding trade deals.  These trade deals are going to affect the food we eat and the food we buy in the supermarket.  These trades deals could mean allowing food being imported to the UK that is produced in ways that would be illegal here, food with no traceability or produced in a climate friendly way.   

We must ensure that food eaten the UK is produced in a way that matches the high standards of production expected from UK farmers. To emphasize this, the National Farmers Union  (NFU) have initiated a Food Standards Petition to try and urge the Government not to import food that would undermine the high standards UK Farmers produce to. 

Nearly 1 million people have now signed the petition and it has won support from celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver but don’t think its just celebrities and farmers wanting you to sign it – there are over 60 organisations pushing for the Government to rethink trade deals in order to protect UK food safety and the future of farmers.   

You can sign the food standards petition here.