Wildlife Management in Scotland

Karen Ramoo, Policy Adviser ,
27 Aug 2020

Wildlife management refers to a range of actions which include protecting wildlife; protecting species health and welfare, culling to limit spread and management of numbers to reduce impact on habitats. 

Scotland is renowned for its rich and diverse wildlife – it's what makes it such a special and unique place. 

However, we sometimes need to manage wildlife for a number of reasons including conflicts of interest - when the behaviour of a species brings it into conflict with a person’s interest or with the conservation of other species or habitats or where there is a sustainable use of a species - where a species in the wild is a resource of social or economic benefit. Whatever the reason it is important that a balanced approach to wildlife management is taken which balances the public interest while making sure wildlife is valued and thrives. 

Wildlife management is integral to conservation and land management activities in Scotland. It can at times be a challenging and emotive subject and despite the often-huge amount of common ground can result in polarized debate.

The Shared Approach to Wildlife Management sets out ways of working with a range of organisations to deliver effective wildlife management across Scotland. This shared approach recognises the need to work in partnership to tackle issues jointly and deliver shared solutions and that we all have a legal, social, and moral responsibility to manage wildlife as a shared resource.

The approach develops an adaptive and collaborative approach, linking scientific evidence gathering and stakeholder’s knowledge to guide the development of management practices – something which SLE very much welcomes. 

Successful and sustainable delivery of wildlife management requires adopting a partnership approach and working together - the approach offers a platform for this and we believe it is one which will help facilitate good wildlife management decision making and we look forward to working with all on stakeholders on this.


Read more about the Shared Approach to Wildlife Management on the NatureScot website.