Forestry and Land Scotland out of season culling

11 Sep 2020

Following Forestry and Land Scotland’s decision to undertake out of season deer control on Scotland’s national forests and land, Scottish Land & Estates has made the following comment:

The Deer (Scotland) Act 1996 allows NatureScot to issue approvals and authorisations for deer to be culled during the closed season in situations requiring emergency measures. Any early culling must, of course, be in done in accordance with Best Practice Guidance  and it is our opinion that any out of season culling must not result in the orphaning of calves. While we acknowledge FLS has responsibility for looking after Scotland’s national forests and land to enhance biodiversity which includes monitoring deer impacts on biodiversity, we regard out of season culling as an occasional necessity and should only be used where there is no other alternative.

Further information on FLS decision is available here.