Tony Stevenson

Tony Stevenson
Head of Business
0131 653 5400

Tony has been involved with the organisation since 2010, initially as a contractor arranging logistics for some of SLE’s major events, before being appointed as Head of Business in 2018. Tony works alongside our Vice Chair Operations and Executive Director to increase new business, improve member services and increase business effectiveness. This includes the day-to-day management of finance, membership, IT and infrastructure.

If you were a Scottish animal, which would you be and why?
The very rare Scottish giraffe! Obviously because it’s ginger and tall! Or a Bumble bee if it must be common in Scotland. They’re busy, hardworking, a team player, can appear to be disorganised but always get the job done and done properly!

What do very few people know about you?
I enjoy visiting art galleries and exhibitions.

Which three words best describe your outlook on life?
I’ve got four! Positive, caring, sharing and empathetic.

Tartan or tweed? Why?
Tweed. Hardy, attractive, long lasting, practical and can be smart or casual.