Scott Petrie

Central Regional Support Officer
0131 653 5400

Since graduating in 1997 with an Honours degree in Rural Business Management from the University of Aberdeen, Scott has amassed extensive practitioner and research experience in both socio-economic research and analysis, and strategy development and action based solutions. In addition, he has experience of engaging and building strong productive relationships with media, senior politicians, government agencies, local authorities and other key influencers.

From date to date Scott was a Regional Manager with Scottish Land & Estates for our Central and North East regions, before starting his own consultancy firm, Five Glens, in April 2014.

In addition to his consultancy activities, Scott is a founding Director of Rural Skills Scotland Ltd (March 2015); a not-for-profit organisation whose charitable objectives include providing high quality and innovative rural skills training to further the employment opportunities of those seeking rewarding and worthwhile careers in the land-based sector.”

If you were a Scottish animal, which would you be and why?
I would be a Pine Marten as I like the idea of living in native Scots pinewoods. Also, a bushy tail would be ideal for balancing during difficult climbs.

What do very few people know about you? 
Very few people know that I first went to school in Australia.

Which three words best describe your outlook on life?
Work in Progress

If you were a game bird, which would you be and why?
I would be a ptarmigan. The reason for this is I like to spend much of my time on Scotland’s mountains and usually above 750 metres.