Fiona Van Aardt

Fiona Van Aardt
North of Scotland Regional Coordinator
0131 653 5400

Fiona joined Scottish Land & Estates as our North-East Regional Support Officer to support and enhance member activities in the region, including engagement with politicians, stakeholders and assistance in organising events and estate visits. In October 2021, Fiona took on the role of North of Scotland Regional Coordinator.

A business manager with over 25 years’ experience of running companies and delivering projects and events, Fiona returned to Scotland with her husband three years ago after spending 13 years running a 5,000-hectare estate in the southern highlands of Tanzania. Before heading to Tanzania, Fiona was Managing Director of a major event and communications company with a significant government and multinational client base. A key part of her role was the delivery of a flagship government programme for improving the competitiveness of UK business through company visits. Fiona lives on a farm on the outskirts of Aberlour in Speyside.

If you were a Scottish animal, which would you be and why?
A Scottish terrier – independent, stubborn, can be quite vocal and a terrier (which says it all really!).

What do very few people know about you? 
I can speak Swahili.

Which three words best describe your outlook on life?
Positive, curious and unconventional.

If you could no longer live in Scotland, where would you choose to live and why?
Namibia – for its remoteness (one of the least crowded places on earth) and hauntingly beautiful landscapes.