Andrew Henderson

Press & Public Affairs Manager
0131 653 5400

Andrew was appointed Press & Public Affairs Manager in July 2021. Born in Perth, he is an alumnus of the universities of Dundee and St Andrews. He joins SLE with almost a decade’s worth of experience working for parliamentarians and most recently managed the office of Alex Neil for six years.

Outside of work, Andrew is a keen supporter of his local football team, St Johnstone, and enjoys exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside at every opportunity.


If you were a Scottish animal, which would you be and why?
It’s got to be a puffin as they can use their webbed feet as a rudder to ‘fly’ under water and that’s just impressive.

What do few people know about you? 
I was a reasonable 100m sprinter in my teens. Those days are long gone!

Which three words best describe your outlook on life?
Just be yourself.

Where would you live if not Scotland? 
I’d probably choose Iceland as like Scotland its natural beauty is staggering.