Policy & Lobbying
Tourism & Enterprise

Although the traditional industries of farming and forestry remain key components of our members' businesses, many are increasingly reliant on income from tourism and enterprise activities.

Scottish Land & Estates emphasises to all levels of Government that profitable rural businesses are essential for sustainable rural communities, and has carried out a great deal of work in relation to addressing some of the barriers which exist in current sectors.
We have lobbied in relation to the planning and tax regimes to ensure that they support rather than hinder rural enterprise.

We strive to increase opportunities in a range of tourism fields, including agri tourism and country sports tourism. 

Enterprise opportunities are diverse, covering issues as diverse as small scale hydro and wedding venues, and Scottish Land & Estates strives to provide members with the information they require to develop or expand their enterprise activities - maximising opportunities and minimising risk. 

Scottish Land & Estates’ Rural Enterprise Demonstration Day programme provides farmers and land managers with an opportunity to explore a wide range of diversification opportunities.The Rural Enterprise Demonstration Days are designed to be practical and innovative, and to showcase a range of new opportunities and ideas for rural businesses to earn additional income or to add value to existing business.

As part of a three year project, part funded by the Scottish Government’s SRDP Skills Development Scheme, these events provide a training programme for land managers and farmers across a wide spectrum of rural enterprise and diversification opportunities. 

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