Policy & Lobbying
Animal Health & Welfare
Scotland’s livestock industry is renowned worldwide for its high animal health and welfare standards and resulting high quality product. This sector plays a vital role in achieving and maintaining food security.

Scottish Land & Estates is an active member of the Scottish Government’s Animal Health and Welfare Stakeholder Group which works closely with government and its Chief Veterinary Officer not only during periods of disease outbreak but in developing policies for the prevention and management of disease.

Scottish Land & Estates’ animal health and welfare policy positions:
  • Scottish Land & Estates is committed to working in partnership with other industry bodies and government to maintain high standards of animal health and welfare, and control and manage animal disease and disease risks in Scotland.
  • Scottish Land & Estates is supportive of cost and responsibility sharing in animal health and welfare in principle; this should not simply mean cost dumping and the industry must be involved in decision-making relating to animal health;
  • Government must bear the lion's share of the cost and responsibility for exotic diseases (eg FMD). It is the government’s responsibility to have in place robust border controls and deal effectively with illegal imports as well as ensuring effective biosecurity at its own sites.

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