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The role of education in raising awareness of land management practices is of critical importance, and Scottish Land & Estates is committed to working with others such as RHET to ensure that land management is fully integrated into the Curriculum for Excellence.  Scottish Land & Estates also wishes to see the strategy for education widened to encompass of all Scotland’s society, and we will be:
  • Focusing on a communications strategy and associated plan to raise awareness of the positive contribution of land managers
  • Raising awareness of the wealth of public benefits delivered by our members
  • Developing resources which can be used to educate specific sections of society on land management issues

Education is a key component of our access work, and Scottish Land & Estates continues to call for a strong and well funded public outdoor access education campaign.


    Information Sheets

    • 07/03/2013 - Providing Volunteering Opportunities
      There are a number of good reasons why estates, farms and other rural businesses may wish to provide volunteering opportunities, and if clear and appropriate arrangements are put in place in advance, venturing down this route can provide positive benefits for such businesses, for the volunteers and for the local area.  

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