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Welcome to the Highlands & Islands regional pages of the Scottish Land & Estates website.  Here you will find details of current news and events as well as consultations and committee matters from the H&I region.

For our organisation's purposes, Scotland is divided into 5 regions, each with a Regional Committee of local members.  It is their purpose to support, encourage and develop the work and principles of Scottish Land & Estates through action, discussion and sharing knowledge and experience.

Our work in the regions is a critical element of what we do for our members and involves the following:

Member engagement - Meeting with members individually  to grow our understanding of the elements that make up a modern and effective business. This emerging knowledge is then used to lobby on behalf of our members for better, leaner, less bureacratic intervention by government, allowing investment and growth to improve the general economy of rural Scotland.

Political engagement - Providing opportunities for local and national politicians to meet with our members and to keep up to date and informed about the economic, environmental and social contribution provided by estates and rural businesses in Scotland.  Many members regularly host estate visits and these build valuable positive relationships which can assist the whole sector in addtion to you own business needs.

Media engagement - by working with print, internet and  broadcast media to generate and distribute good rural stories.  Our PR Agency Media House are available to help members make better use of the news resources they have.

Community engagement - Local communities within and adjacent to estates are uniquely aware of involving local communities and the public in your business is key to enabling greater and wider understanding of what estates offer.  Increased visibility and openness, via events, working together and increased contact, will build trust and provide long term benefits for everyone.
Members Toolkit- we have devised this great new resource for members to use as widely as possible.  In it you will find guidance on how to engage with the media and Politicians and how to begin using your Scottish Land & Estates brand across your rural business.  Plus, you can always contact me to help you
Our Vision

All of this work is being conducted to assist in achieving our vision which is:

'To create a situation where the true value and contribution of private landownership in Scotland is recognised and appreciated, both publicly and politically.'

Regional Manager's work

If you are interested in a member visit with myself, have a good news story or wish to be further involved with our political engagement please do give me a call to discuss further.

I would also urge you to look further at our Members Toolkit and consider implementing the Scottish Land & Estates brand alongside your own.  It needed, help is at hand.


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