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National Forest Land Scheme

To members in Ettrick and Yarrow

As many of you may be aware, the Forestry Commission have been looking at ways to generate hydro power on the existing National Forest Land.

Scotland was divided into three lots and Hydro companies were asked to bid for the development of small scale hydro power generators.

A company called Broadland Gilkes Consortium won the tender for the South of Scotland and they had until November 2011 to identify which parts of the National Forest in Southern Scotland they would be developing. 

The communities in areas identified for development are entitled to regular payments once power begins to be generated and have the option to buy a share of the business for the community.  In areas where the developer has not expressed an interest to develop the land, the community is given first refusal on that land before another developer is sought.  Gamescleuch (Ettrick Marshes) and a portion of Craik Forest (see attached map as below) falls into this category and could be developed by the community to develop hydro power if this is feasible on the land in question.

Expressions of interest are sought by 30 June 2012 - thereafter it will go out to tender and the above guidelines will apply.

Further details on the scheme can be found at the following or by contacting Julie Nock, Project Officer, Southern Uplands Partnership on 01750 23760:-$FILE/StrategicQAwindhydro.pdf$FILE/communityselfdevelopment.pdf$FILE/Hydrocommunitiesguidance.pdf

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