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Working with a new SNH?

SNH has unveiled a new corporate strategy, in a noticeably different tone from previous documents, which reflects many of the values and efforts of landowners as they strive to sustain Scotland’s wonderful, natural environment.

The emphasis is not so much on protecting particular species or habitats as securing the value in Scotland’s natural assets for Scotland’s people. It says that ‘over the next five years our ambition is that Scotland’s natural assets will generate wealth for all, sustaining us and improving our health, lifestyles and culture.’

Douglas McAdam, CEO of Scottish Land & Estates' welcomed the strategy commenting: "Our members, who manage and care for these natural assets on a day to day basis, will have a significant role to play in delivering these priorities. We welcome this document wholeheartedly and will continue to work closely with SNH to help to ensure it's successful delivery."

In these times of austerity, the strategy emphasises the value of nature by highlighting that ‘these natural assets contribute more than 10% of Scottish economic output and support 1 in 7 of all full time jobs. They are worth more than £17.2 billion to the Scottish economy. High quality nature and landscapes are essential in the transition to a green economy’.

While much of the activity over the next few years will be the same, this changing language highlights the way that SNH is positioning itself to contribute to the Scottish Government’s economic strategy and overall objective of economic growth. But will the change in language filter through to influence activities on the ground?
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