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Fertiliser Security High on Government Agenda

by The Scotsman.

Fertiliser is vital to world food production but it currently faces other challenges according to Mike Buchan, fertiliser sector chairman of the Agricultural Industries Confederation.

In a world where terrorists or individuals can threaten even safe countries such as Norway, the need for high security surrounding key ingredient ammonium nitrate has been put high on government agendas across the European Union.

Speaking in London, Buchan said the UK had been well placed to respond, thanks to the industry’s widespread uptake of the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme.

“There have been those who questioned the value of the scheme. Let me assure you that when questions flow naturally from incidents such as Oslo, the established presence of FIAS is an essential basis for a constructive dialogue with government and the security services,” he said.

He then turned his attention to the role of fertilisers in food production or the “sustainable intensification” of food production which emerged from the Foresight Report produced by Professor Sir John Beddington,.

“The industry had made massive investments to shrink its carbon footprint throughout the manufacture and distribution processes in the UK and across the EU,” he said. “This should be taken into account when farmers are looking at the products they purchase.”

He also claimed the fertiliser industry had made a significant contribution to the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan and other initiatives including the Campaign for the Farmed Environment.



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