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Poachers Targeted After Deer Were Chased Across Busy Carriageway

A crackdown on poachers has been launched after deer ran across a busy carriageway as they were being chased by illegal hunters.

The animals were seen running between vehicles on the A92 in Fife recently as they tried to evade their pursuers.

The incident is one of several that has prompted a crackdown on deer poaching and coursing in Fife, Dundee, Angus and Perthshire.
Both Tayside Police and Fife Constabulary are behind the initiative.

On Thursday, Fife Constabulary’s wildlife crime co-ordinator PC Ian Laing revealed officers are investigating if there are any links between poaching and the selling of venison products.

He said: "We sometimes see an increase in poaching and coursing at this time of year because game is more evident in fields in which the crop has been harvested, and there are more hours of darkness.

"We suspect poachers are generally looking to make quick money by selling the venison, while the coursers mostly send their dogs to chase the deer for sport. In both cases, although particularly coursing, the deer are likely to suffer a cruel death.

"There are instances of people who are not legitimate, experienced deer stalkers failing to make a clean kill and leaving deer maimed, which a genuine deer manager would never do. The public can help by reporting suspicious activity involving, for example, unfamiliar vehicles or people.

"We would also ask that if you see torches being flashed around fields at night or find any discarded deer remains to contact the police."

The Scottish SPCA and the British Association for Shooting and Conservation will also carry out weekend patrols as part on the project.



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