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Positive tenant-landlord findings welcomed by landowners

A survey demonstrating the positive relationships between tenant farmers and landlords, and the conduct of agents within that process, has been welcomed by Scottish Land & Estates.

Published by the Scottish Land Commission’s Tenant Farming Commissioner, research seeking the views and experiences of landlords and tenants regarding their business interactions with agents found that:

  • Ratings given by tenant farmers and landlords to agents with respect to politeness, professionalism, respect, trustworthiness, openness and honesty and treating them fairly ranged between 98% to 100% being positive.
  • Ratings given by tenant farmers for the agents employed by landlords ranged between 67% and 83% rated as ‘good’.
  • Only 17% of tenant farmers and 17% of landlords were very or fairly dissatisfied with their interactions with agents.
  • 82% of tenant farmers described their relationship with their landlord as either very good or fairly good and 88% of landlords described their relationship as either very good or good. These percentages are very similar to the Scottish Government’s Renting-out Agricultural Land in Scotland Survey published in 2014.

Sarah-Jane Laing, Executive Director of Scottish Land & Estates, said: “The results of the survey are pleasing news for the tenanted farming sector and demonstrate that the vast majority of relationships between tenants and landlords are positive and productive for both parties.

“The role of agents within negotiations has often been the cause of heated discussion within the industry but the survey demonstrates that the vast majority of agents are conducting their work with politeness, professionalism and integrity. This is good news for a sector which relies heavily on the valuable role and expertise of agents in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

“The new findings correspond with the Scottish Government’s research released by Ipsos MORI in 2014 and whilst it is often portrayed that landlords and tenants are at loggerheads, in actual fact most people within the sector are getting along well. With this being the case, there is a lot of positive relationships we can build on in the future and provide confidence to resolve the minority of cases where relationships can be improved and strengthened.

“The Tenant Farming Commissioner is now beginning the process of consulting stakeholders on the findings and SLE and its members are committed to finding ways in which we can enhance relationships even further.”


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