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The work of Scottish Land & Estates is driven by our membership and their desire to represent and demonstrate the contributions they make to rural Scotland.

The organisation operates through its Policy and Regional teams, managed by an executive team headed by the Chief Executive and overseen by the Board of Directors. A strong and effective policy team is a prerequisite to effective influencing and is essential to the work we do on a daily basis with Government in the many stakeholder groups and ministerial working groups on which we sit.

Central to this work is the active participation and contribution of our members who populate our Policy and Regional teams. This brings great practical experience and realism to the policy and representational work and outputs of the organisation.

We also draw on wider professional expertise to support our work. As well as our landowning members, we also have very active professional members. We count all the major land agents operating in Scotland in our ranks as well as many of Scotland’s legal and accountancy firms operating in the rural and agricultural sectors – see the Suppliers’ Directory. Members get involved in the policy and representational work by joining one of our core policy groups – which feature a mix of landowning and professional members.

We currently have three core policy areas that reflect the core focus of the organisation:

Supporting all of these is our Legal & Taxation group, which interacts with each area as required. These groupings provide the appropriate focus and synergy with government policy development and so strengthen our policy development and representational work.

In addition to these core groups we have other specific sectoral interest groups with a much more specific focus such as Common Agricultural Policy Futures, Moorland, Crofting, Large Estates, Renewables, Forestry and subgroups that are time limited and focus on particular proposed legislation.

All these groups have full participating members and also E-members who contribute by email. The work of these groups is essential to providing the hard policy which enables us to represent our members’ interests with government.

The organisation is also supported by a wide variety of rural trade businesses who work in the land based sector and make up our trade membership.

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