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Police Scotland Launch National Livestock Worrying Campaign

The campaign is supported by Scottish Natural Heritage, NFU Scotland, Scottish Land & Estates, NSA Scotland and The Kennel Club UK, and reminds owners of the devastating effects of livestock worrying.
It runs until the end of May 2018 and seeks to highlight to dog owners who live in or walk their dogs in the countryside that they must act responsibly and keep their dogs under close control. 
Police Scotland are encouraging farmers and landowners to engage with dog walkers and to put signs up on gateways and on key roads and paths alerting them to the presence of sheep and lambs in their fields” added Inspector Donaldson. Furthermore, Farmers and those who use the countryside are urged to report all incidents of livestock worrying to police on 101 or 999 in an emergency. 
Preventative measures can be also be taken using Dog Control Notices issued by the local authority. These written Notices can be served on owners who do not keep their dogs under proper control and place control measures such as keeping the dog on a lead or being muzzled in a public place.  
Police Scotland will also enforce the existing legislation robustly, ensuring all reported cases of sheep worrying are thoroughly investigated and offenders reported to the Procurator Fiscal.
Karen Ramoo, Policy Officer at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Attacks on livestock, or even incidents of disturbance, can have a devastating impact on livelihoods and also on the work that has been undertaken over many years to build up flocks and cattle. It is not purely a financial consideration for farmers – there is also an emotional aspect when such incidents occur.
Police Scotland will continue to raise awareness on social media throughout the campaign period.

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