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Scottish Beaver Forum Meeting

The Scottish Beaver Forum set up in May 2017 met earlier this week to further progress work on the development of a management framework which is being established for the species. 
Discussions opened with a brief summary on what processes need to be completed prior to beavers receiving European Protected Species status; a key piece of work being the completion of the Strategic Environmental Assessment which is currently open for consultation until the 6th March 2018. Following satisfactory completion of the SEA, it is the intention of the Scottish Government to put in place protection for beavers, as required by the Habitats Directive. 
Attention was also given to the funding support mechanisms that would be available to help affected or at-risk land managers to mitigate beaver damage. SNH confirmed a bespoke mitigation management funding scheme is to be developed. In addition, they are also considering other possible funding options and the ways in which these could be developed and delivered through agri-environment and forestry grant schemes.  Discussions also centered on the current strands of guidance being developed as part of the overall management framework for the species. 

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