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Statement from David Johnstone, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates

David Johnstone, chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, has issued the following statement.

He said: “Apart from my role as chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, I am also the owner of Annandale Estates, our family business.

“The estate runs a substantial farming business of which tenanted farms are a very important element.

“The estate is reviewing rents on a number of farms within the estate. It is four years since rents on the estate were last reviewed and there are a number of cases where rent increases are being considered. We are at an early stage of the process and we will be having detailed discussions with tenants before any final decisions are taken.  As part of these rent reviews we will also encourage tenants to register improvements to their farms under the amnesty for tenant improvements.

“We have followed the published joint industry guidance on rent reviews which states that current reviews should be conducted under existing frameworks and have kept the Scottish Tenant Farming Commissioner appraised of developments. I am obviously aware that there is work ongoing to develop a new rent review system but this will not be finalised or implemented in the near future.

“Rent reviews invariably attract debate and commentary and, given my position as chairman of Scottish Land & Estates, I felt it right that the estate should be transparent in that it is conducting its own reviews.”


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