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Surprise at delay in catching Beauly beavers

Suspending attempts to catch an illegally released population of beavers in Beauly has surprised landowners and farmers, Scottish Land & Estates has said today.

The organisation said the decision, announced by SNH today, brought concerns that the population may grow in future months and also highlighted the problems that could be caused by the lack of proper management plans.

Karen Ramoo, Policy Officer (Conservation & Wildlife Management) at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “The suspension of trapping measures for the illegally released beaver population at Beauly has been met with surprise by land-based businesses in the local area.

“Cabinet Secretary Roseanna Cunningham was clear in July that “swift action” was required in Beauly but little explanation has been given on why attempts by SNH to capture and relocate these beavers have now been curtailed.

“SNH say that trapping efforts will resume on an unspecified date next year when there will be a more plentiful supply of food. However, we are concerned that such a delay may allow the population the chance to grow and to increase their range, with little management in place to stop this from occurring.

“There is a clear need for more information on why this delay has happened and we would like to see SNH share full details of its management plan for the population, including planned trapping dates and methods, with relevant stakeholders in the area.”


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