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Tree Health – Xylella fastidiosa update


The Plant Health division of Scottish Government has issued information on the spread of a bacterium which causes disease in a wide range of commercial woody plants.  The disease is not yet present in the UK but recent developments in Europe is concerning.


Xylella has so far not been found in the UK, however with recent developments within Europe, the finding on mainland Spain, is concerning.


The UK Plant Health Service in collaboration with the Horticultural Trades Association has drawn up a list that  are considered high risk host which I hope you will find useful. Remember the success to keeping UK free from this pathogen is know your hosts and source wisely. 


•       Xylella high risk host


Further information can be found at , including recent version of the Guidance (update 10 (03/17)).  The Forestry Commissions description of the disease can be found here ...


We are keeping a close eye on the situation in Europe and where we can influence any revised EU emergency measures.  However we are not ruling out taking additional national measures to prevent  Xylella  being introduced into  the UK.


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