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Greening rule changes for 2018

The Scottish Government has published updates to its guidance on the greening requirement for the Basic Payment Scheme.  The detailed changes can be found here...
In particular the changes include:-
  1. hedges will be a separate EFA option - EFA hedges
  2. agro-forestry established since 2015 under FGS (Pillar 2) on BPS eligible, arable land in 2015 will be a separate EFA option - EFA agro-forestry
  3. maintenance of drainage on EFA fallow - EFA fallow
  4. the introduction of a compulsory ban on Plant Protection Products on EFA fallow, EFA nitrogen fixing crops, EFA catch crops and EFA green cover, subject to certain flexibilities EFA fallow, EFA nitrogen fixing crops, EFA catch crops - , EFA green cover
  5. changes to EFA eligibility/location. Introduce a new definition of 'adjacent' when considering whether EFA features are 'on or adjacent to arable land', necessary for them to qualify as EFA - Where can I put my EFA?
  6. changes to catch crop and green cover options. Setting a new minimum duration period for the retention of catch crop and green cover to meet the EFA option requirements. Remove the deadlines given in the Regulation for the sowing of catch crop and green cover - EFA catch crops, EFA green cover
  7. changes to the EFA Nitrogen fixing crops option - EFA nitrogen fixing crops
  8. a new option of EFA Margin will be introduced which will amalgamate the previous EFA field margin and EFA buffer strip options - EFA margins

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