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Unemployment rate matches lowest on record

Scotland’s unemployment rate has fallen to match the lowest rate in 25 years. It fell by 0.6 percentage points over the last quarter to 4.0%, equalling the figure for March to May 2008, and the lowest rate since the recession.

The unemployment level fell by 17,000 over the quarter to 109,000, and decreased by 49,000 over the year. The Labour Market Stats for Feb-Apr 2017, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), show Scotland’s unemployment rate continues to be the lowest out of the four UK nations, and lower than the UK rate of 4.6%.

The figures show:

Scotland’s employment rate increased by 0.3 percentage points over the quarter to 74.1% - the second highest employment rate out of the four UK nations – with the employment level rising by 44,000.

  • Scotland continued to outperform the UK on female employment rates (70.6% vs. 70.2%), and Scotland’s female unemployment rate was also lower than the UK’s (4.1% vs. 4.4%)
  • Scotland’s youth employment rate also outperformed the UK (57.1% vs. 54.1%), while Scotland’s youth unemployment rate was also lower than the UK’s (8.8% vs. 11.5%)

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