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Blue tongue outbreak in Northern France

The Scottish Government has published the following guidance in response to the Blue Tongue outbreak in Northern France.

This is the most recent Preliminary Outbreak Assessment on bluetongue virus produced by APHA following the detection of two bluetongue BTV-8 positive cattle in Northern France.  These detections have also been incorporated in the updated 2017 risk assessment for entry into the UK by bluetongue (BTV-8) virus.  Whilst the risk of BTV-8 incursion into UK population remains at LOW (rare but does occur) this may change as the weather changes and if more infected animals are detected in northern France.

Provided here a bluetongue leaflet produced by Government and industry (the Joint Action against Bluetongue (JAB) campaign) for livestock keepers.  It contains some useful information about the disease and some key action that can be taken now including:  

·         Monitor stock carefullyand report any clinical signs of disease. Your local vet can provide help in the diagnosis.

·         Source animals responsiblyand check the health status of animals you are looking to buy.

·         Consider vaccinationas a method of reducing the spread of infection. Vaccination is the only effective tool to protect animals from bluetongue. Consult your vet about the benefits of doing so and the availability of vaccine if this is something you are considering. Meat and milk from vaccinated animals is safe for consumption.


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