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Review of Game Bird Law and Licensing in Selected European Countries published - Scottish Land & Estates' comment

Scottish Land & Estates has provided initial comment on the Review of Game Bird Law and Licensing in Selected European Countries, published by SNH on February 24, 2017.

The report will be considered by Scottish Land & Estates and the Scottish Moorland Group in greater detail in the coming weeks.

A spokesman for Scottish Land & Estates said: “The SNH report provides a bank of evidence on the regulation of hunting across Europe. The research demonstrates that although a licensing system may be in operation, the nature of what that licensing regime entails varies significantly from country to country, and is frequently determined by historical traditions and government structures.

“We have and continue to support tougher sentences for wildlife crime in Scotland, but what this research also makes clear is that wildlife crime remains a concern in many countries that have licensing regulation. What we do have already in Scotland, through the Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime, is effective cooperation with all key organisations and police united in working to eradicate remaining areas of wildlife crime. We are firmly committed to this cooperation.  

“We will digest the report in greater detail in the coming days and will liaise with government and the sector in due course.”


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