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SNH Publish Outdoor Access Monitoring Report

Scottish Natural Heritage has published a report entitled Monitoring responsible behaviour among recreational users and landowners. The study was carried out to establish awareness levels following the enactment of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code (2005). The report found that awareness of the code had increased amongst both recreational users and landowners, however landowners highlighted concerns regarding irresponsible dog owners.

“The report also shows that just under half of the land managers surveyed in 2008 said that their abilities to undertake their activities had been affected to some degree by access-related problems. Many of these problems result from behaviour which is a criminal offence and are longstanding pre-dating the access legislation. This tends to reflect the type of access-related problems that members seek advice and support with from Scottish Land & Estate’s Policy Officer (Access).

Just under half of all access-takers surveyed reported that their access activities had to some extent been disrupted by land management activities. In general the problems reported by both land managers and access-takers are either static or improving when compared to the baseline study carried out in before access rights came into existence.”


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