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Scoping a vision for the uplands

A strategic vision for Scotland’s uplands that could create enhanced dialogue between stakeholders would be welcomed, landowners have said.

Scottish Land & Estates made the comments as part of its response to Scottish Natural Heritage’s consultation, Scoping a Strategic Vision for the Uplands.

The landowners’ organisation said that a truly strategic vision – and not one that was prescriptive – could go some way to resolving the conflicts in views that exist between various interest groups.

Anne Gray, Senior Policy Officer (Land Use & Environment) at Scottish Land & Estates, said: “Creating a shared vision for Scotland’s uplands can be a difficult process given the wide range of competing views about what our uplands should deliver.

“However, we would support a process which brings the various interests in the uplands together towards greater understanding of differing aspirations for these iconic areas of Scotland. 

“We would argue that any vision that is published must be truly strategic and it should not become a tool which directs the use of individual land holdings. It should be inclusive of all interests in the uplands but also recognise the decision-making processes of those who own and manage land, which are complex and uniquely individual.

“We recognise that how land is managed matters to more than just those that own it and it is legitimate for there to be some public interest in the outputs of the Scotland’s uplands. Indeed this is a key aspect of our own Landowners’ Commitment. This is not least for reasons of mitigating climate change, managing flood risk and improving biodiversity as well as providing landscapes that are important to tourism and recreation.

“Overall, our message is one of support for any process that creates better dialogue between stakeholders and ensures that divergent views can be recognised and understood.”

Our full response can be found here... 

SNH are to provide advice, in due course, as to how or if a strategic vision should be pursued.


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