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Scotland’s Rural Economy and leaving the EU

It is still very early days in the negotiations surrounding Brexit. There is so much that is unknown, especially relating to Scotland’s place in the EU and the UK, and so in some respects it is difficult to look very far ahead. Trying to discern the likely path forward is fraught with difficulty. Yet Scottish Land & Estates is keen that we attempt that difficult task because if we do not we could find that agendas that affect Scotland could be set by others. If we assume that we will eventually be leaving the EU, we need to be influencing agendas that are taking shape now. We cannot wait until we have certainty on Scotland’s position.
As such, Scottish Land & Estates has been working with its counterpart in England and Wales, the Country Land & Business Association (CLA), to marshal thoughts on the rural policy and accompanying support that the UK will need to put in place should we leave the European (EU). We have produced a short series of papers that have looked at the future issues for the rural economy and land-based businesses in particular. These briefings look at direct support, trade, regulation, labour, and working specifically with CLA Wales, devolution. 
The five briefings can be found together below. 

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