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National Access Forum consider Core Paths and elect new Convenor

This week’s National Access Forum in Perth, attended as usual by Scottish Land & Estates, spent a considerable part of their Autumn meeting discussing mapping and registration issues in relation to core paths. 

There is a push towards including all core paths on 1:25,000 OS maps.  However, there is also concern that not all core paths have been ground-truth and therefore not every local authority can be confident that their entire system of core paths is passable.  The fundamental benefit of mapping core paths at this Scotland-wide level, given their local nature and application, was also questioned.  SNH will continue to pursue mapping, but taking into account concerns and perhaps identify with local authorities those routes that it may not be sensible to map at the current time.

The Forum also appointed a new Convenor, current Convenor John Thompson having served his full term at the end of this year.  John has been a sensible and pragmatic Chair and will be much missed.  New Convenor David Henderson-Howat, ex Forestry Commission Scotland, attended the Autumn meeting as an observer and will take up his new role from 1st January 2017.  


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