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CAP 2016 Loans: Opt in by 12 October

Giving evidence at the Scottish Parliament’s Public Audit Committee, Liz Ditchburn Director-General Economy confirmed the deadline for opting in for nationally-funded loans for 2016 is 12 October. However, letters of payment notification and appeal procedures for the previous year will not be issued until 15 October leaving farmers to make plans in the dark.

Members are reminded that you will have to opt in to the loan scheme in order to receive payment. This is a change to the previous year. You can find a Q&A about how the loans will work at If you require a paper copy of this guidance or want to talk through what this means, please call the customer helpline on 0300 300 2222.

It was also confirmed to the committee that there are still an estimated 610 payments (209 partly paid and 401 yet to receive anything) to be paid for 2015, of which the majority should be completed by the “middle of October 2016”.




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