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SAF deadline extended to June 15, 2016


The Scottish deadline for submitting Single Application Forms (SAF) for farm funding has been extended by one month to June 15, 2016.

It comes after the European Commission granted Member States the discretion to extend the application window again this year, in recognition of the challenges implementing the new, more complex Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) being experienced by nations across the EU. 

A summary of the news release is included below or you can read the full article here

For the vast majority of customers there is nothing to delay submission this year.  However, a small number of farmers, principally around 1,300 who were subject to land inspections in respect of their 2015 claims, have not yet been provided with fully updated mapping data on which to base their 2016 claim. In this context, the Scottish Government has now confirmed it will make use of this flexibility and extend the SAF window. 

Importantly, the extension of the window will have an impact on the 2016 programme and the earlier SAFs are submitted, the earlier Scottish Government can begin the processing of 2016 claims, thereby mitigating the impact on the timetable for 2016 claims.



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