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LFASS Promise

The Scottish Government has decided to create a new national scheme to ensure that LFASS payments are made in March.

LFASS is usually co-funded by the Scottish Government and the EU, but to ensure that payment can be made on time, the Scottish Government are creating a separate national scheme that will use Scottish money only in the first instance.

The approach being taken is based on the risk to government in terms of the degree of certainty they have over the level of payment that the applicant should receive. The Scottish Government has received more than 12,200 claims for this year’s LFASS scheme and of those 1,400 crofters and small farmers who are eligible for the minimum LFASS payment of £385 will receive that in full. Around 8,000 farmers will receive a payment worth 90 per cent of last year’s claim but the level of payment to the remainder of eligible claimants will depend on various factors including changes to their land since 2014. Support under this scheme is to be offset against the claimant’s final LFASS payment.

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