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Have your say on Greening direct to the EU Commission

The EU Commission is running a consultation on the implementation of CAP Greening and members are encouraged to respond.

The Consultation entitled “Public consultation on the experience with the first year of implementation of greening obligations under the direct payment scheme (CAP)” runs from 15 December 2015 to 8 March 2016 and members are encouraged to complete the on-line questionnaire here...

For ease of reference a pdf version of the questionnaire is below.

 Section I of the questionnaire contains questions about the respondent which are mandatory – you cannot move on to the next section until you complete this section.  Section II also contains mandatory questions, this time about stakeholder views on agriculture, environment and climate.

 Section III asks whether each of the three standard Greening requirements were a  deciding factor in farm management choices, what the current environmental impact is of Greening (in short and long term), which aspects of EFA deliver the most and whether farmers would be prepared to do more environmentally ambitious methods of production.

 Section IV asks for views on ease/difficulty of implementing Greening overall and in relation to the constituent parts, particularly EFA.  It also asks about the length of time it now takes to fill in the application forms and expected time in future years.

 Section V asks about EFA options used in other countries and if farmers in one country face problems that farmers in other countries do not face, specific challenges and whether there should be additional EFA options.  There are also a couple of questions about equivalence.

 Section VI is entitled Simplification and again focuses on EFA.

 There are a number of comment boxes throughout the questionnaire which allow respondents to explain some of their choices/answers.


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